Delivery Policy

General Delivery Information:

⦁ Once your order is placed and paid for in full, it will be processed (picked up by the nearest YUGI driver) driven to the delivery address and dropped off at address inserted by sender into the mobile application. Once we complete processing, your order (YUGI driver has delivered your parcel) you will receive a notification informing you that the parcel has been delivered. YUGI drivers are unable to deliver to a PO Box address.

⦁ YUGI drivers are aware that all deliveries are to take place on the same day with a predetermined amount of time to drop off calculated by the mobile application.

⦁ If a YUGI driver attempts to deliver your parcel and is unable to complete the delivery because you or your designated recipient is unavailable, you will be liable for all costs relating to the subsequent delivery attempts.

⦁ Under no circumstances will YUGILLY PTY Ltd be held liable for any late deliveries for any reason whatsoever. We know however, that things sometimes go wrong and we will assist you to our best ability to track your delivery and make sure you receive your order as promptly as possible. If an attempt has been made to deliver your parcel and you could not accept the parcel, and afterwards request to cancel the order, you will be liable for the costs involved in attempting to deliver the parcel,


Prohibited items:

⦁ Perishable, infectious or odorous items.

⦁ Human and animal remains.

⦁ Live animals and plants.

⦁ Shipments packaged in bags, sacks and loosely packed containers.

High-value artworks, objects of sentimental value.

⦁ Thermally unstable goods requiring controlled temperature.

⦁ High-value items such as cash, precious metals, artistic and antique items, collectables, securities, credit or debit cards, lottery tickets, pearls, precious stones, jewellery.

⦁ Ammunition, firearms, explosives, fireworks and similar objects.

⦁ Furs, animal skins (from non-domesticated animals), ivory.

⦁ Illegal drugs and pharmaceuticals.

⦁ Musical instruments without a hard case.

⦁ Packages addressed to post office boxes.

⦁ Dangerous goods commodities as per the ADR Convention list (International Road Transport of Dangerous Goods).

⦁ Goods that are inadequately packaged as per YUGI PTY Ltd rules those not packaged as per industry standards or multiple packages tied together.

⦁ Shipments exceeding weight and / or dimension limits as per YUGI PTY Ltd guidelines.